Do you know those
positive effects of sleeping?

Not many of us is aware of how sleeping affects to our body.
But in fact, we are maintained healthy by sleeping.
Here are some examples of what sleeping does to us.Sleeping better fills your new day with health and wellness.

Sleeping matters, so does its quality.

The “High Quality Sleeping” Balances
Your Phisical and Mental Health

The “high quality sleeping” means a relaxed condition brought by the regeneration of hormone.
When this quality is poor,your body remains exhausted. This exhaustion stresses your mental, lowers your immunity, causes you lifestyle diseases, and ages your skin. In other words, the “high quality sleeping” is the key to remain your health and youth.

An Unstressed Sleeping-Posture
Enhances your Sleep Quality

Sleeping-posture is a key to reach the “high quality sleeping”. If you feel tired when you wake up, you might be sleeping in a wrong posture. According to dynamics study, an ideal sleeping-posture is when a spinal code is curved in S-shape. Also, when the body pressure is concentrated at one spot, the exhaustion worsens due to the blood flow congestion. Therefore, an ideal bedding is to help spreading the body pressure evenly, as well as let the body turn over comfortably while asleep.
Director at Yamate Clinic
Dr. Mikihiko Hattori
A specialized doctor of vertebra and a spinal disease, certified by Japanese Orthopedic Association.Dr. Hattori is also a sports doctor certified by Japan Sports Association and Japan Orthopedics Association. In addition, he is a member of Japan Olympic Committee Medical Strengthening team.

grantecs history

“Grantecs” was born in 1996. INOAC has been manufacturing mattresses of polyurethane foam in Japan and abroad for more than half a century. In this history, new brand, “Grantecs” was born to create the comfortable mattress based on ergonomics Technology from Germany which was the latest in Europe was applied and repeatedly modified to suite Asian people, the mattresses are today familiar to wide range of users, including athletes.


“FUJISAKURA” is the symbolic representation of the technology and quality of Japan and INOAC technology and quality we proudly present. Showing INOAC pride through Mt. Fuji and Cherry blossoms which Japan proud of.

Color Foam

What's Color Foam?

“Color Foam” was born as a trademark for polyether-based polyurethane foam in 1959. Over 60 years since then, “Color Foam” has been used in various applications such as industrial materials, consumer goods, and automobile industry. In addition, “Color Foam” mattress with the same name has been familiar for more than half a century since its release in 1962.